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:Frequent Questions:
1. Q. Do I have to have technical knowledge to update my website?
  A. No. Our Website administration area has been designed to be extremely user friendly and easy to use.
2. Q. If I sign up how long does it take to get started?
  A. It usually takes 24 - 48 hours to completely set up your account and have your website live on the internet.
3. Q. I don't have a website or domain name, do I have to buy a domain name?
  A. No. You do not need to purchase a domain name if you simply want to link to your new website from another website. We can purchase and set up domain names at your request for an additional fee.
4. Q. Can I keep my existing Email as it is?
  A. Yes. You can use any existing email address.
5. Q. What if I want a custom website design?
  A. We design and develop custom websites for a reasonable price. However, our templates come with the packages we offer at no extra charge. Contact us for a quote of a custom website design.
6. Q. How much extra is it per month for E-mail Hosting?
  A. The additional fees for e-mail hosting and support depend on the number of email addresses you request.
7. Q. How do I learn to change my website?
  A. We provide a complete walk-thru of the system to each person who will be using it and we have detailed help files. We also offer technical support in case you have any other issues.
8. Q. Can I see a Demo?
  A. Yes. We would be more than pleased to walk you through a full demo of our product at your convenience. Just use our contact form and let us know when you would like to schedule it.
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